Wooden Rainbow Balancing Stacking Tetris Building Blocks

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There are of course multiple ways to place the pieces to complete the puzzle. Find different combinations and enjoy doing it with kids. A good alternative to computer games. It is possible to configure the puzzle differently. It’s sort of a hands-on take to balance tetris! It’s great practice to build any of those pre-defined structures by kids themself. This also helps with them learning their colours and can build those pre-defined structures based on colours. Never to get any splinters when you run your fingers around the edges and various places on the smooth wood container. Great if you can get the child to engage, if they are not instant gratification and have a high boredom threshold it might be easier to interest them.
Kids play with the blocks in all sorts of ways beyond the intended use which is boosting their creativity (looking beyond the obvious). As well as their motor skills and spatial awareness it gives then experience of building and how shapes interact.


1. Wooden rainbow stacking tetris comes in 20 pcs colorful blocks and 1 base
2. Target is to stack all the blocks onto the base without falling off. You have to keep balance since the arch body will swing from side to side when stacking
3. This toy can enhance kids’ hand-eye coordination and kids can learn colors and shapes. And also can improve parent-child relationship as the parent play along with kids
4. Besides stacking the blocks onto board, you can also use them to pose a variety of graphics such as mountain, house, animal etc. All this will stimulate creative imagination, focus and concentration
5. Block Toy has is no age limit to play. It can help increase the intelligence of the kids, release the working pressure of the adults and keep sharp mind in old age. Perfect birthday gift.

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Dimensions 23 × 23 × 2 cm
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